HER-2+ cancer immunotherapy that stimulates a polyclonal antibody response to HER-2

Intellectual Property


Imugene currently has full rights to a family of patents/patent applications that protect its core platform immunotherapy technologies (HER-Vaxx, KEY-Vaxx, B-Vaxx, other tumour associated antigens HER-1, HER-2, HER-3, VEGF, IGF-1R, Mimotopes and Arginine modulators).  Imugene continues to obtain and maintain patent protection of existing and future intellectual property, including its platform technologies, improvements, products, clinical uses and production processes.  

Imugene acquired the intellectual property for the HER-Vaxx immunotherapy through the acquisition of Biolife Science Qld Pty Ltd in late 2013.

The KEY-Vaxx and B-Vaxx intellectual property was licensed from the Ohio State University and Mayo Clinic in June 2018.  

The patent portfolio licensed from Ohio State University and Mayo Clinic incorporates a substantial intellectual property estate with a broad patent portfolio including six patent families comprising 16 issued patents or pending applications for compositions of matter and/or methods of use of a large range of B-cell peptide and cancer vaccines comprising PD-1, HER1, HER2, HER3, VEGF, IGF-1R, CD28 peptides and combinations thereof.


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