HER-2+ cancer immunotherapy that stimulates a polyclonal antibody response to HER-2

Imugene acquired the IP for the HER-Vaxx immunotherapy through the acquisition of Biolife Science Qld Limited in late 2013. This included the global rights to four patents.

WO02068474, Vaccine against Cancer Diseases that are associated with the HER-2/neu Oncogene, protects specific HER-2 B-cell epitopes.

WO2007118660, HER-2/NEU Multi-peptide Vaccine, protects specific HER2 B-cell epitopes and cancer vaccine of commercial interest.

WO2011020604, Multiepitope Vaccine for HER2/Neu-associated Cancers, claims a fusion peptide comprising three non-contiguous B cell epitopes from the extracellular domain of HER2/neu linked to one another coupled with a delivery system including a virosome and CRM197. This patent, acquired in December 2013 from Pevion Biotech (Switzerland), protects “HER-Vaxx” in major markets until 2030 and is granted in Europe and the US.

WO2006/069719, Lyophilisation of Virosomes, granted to Biolife Science Qld Ltd through an exclusive global license from Pevion Biotech, is for a patent covering the virosome vaccine delivery platform, used in the manufacture of “HER-Vaxx”, in the field of Her-2 oncology. The patent confers the right to practice the invention in all Her-2 oncology fields and is granted in EP, US, CN, AU, Eurasia and SA.

PCT/AU2016/050275, ‘A vaccine composition and uses thereof’, claims the specific P467-CRM197 plus Montanide adjuvant vaccine formulation commencing a Phase Ib clinical trial in 2016. 


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